RULES FOR PLAY – January 2019

  1. We want to keep our events to about four hours (less, if possible); therefore, the following rules are established:


a.    PLAY READY GOLF! When you get to your ball, play it unless someone else is ready to hit.  If possible, cart-mates should park their cart midway between their balls and then each walk to their ball. This will speed the pace of the game. Observe "Honors" only on the green and then only if it does not unduly slow the pace of the game. Case in point: The last player to hit onto the green is also the first to putt; however, he is physically many yards away. DO YOU WAIT FOR HIM? NO! Whoever is ready should begin putting. We are not playing a professional tournament. We want everyone to enjoy our golf. Waiting around is not fun.


b. It is not necessary for everyone to stay on the green while others putt. If you are finished, move on to the next hole.

2. USGA rules apply except as modified by local course rules and/or instructions given before starting play. The new 2019 rules will be in effect. New search time is three (3) minutes. New dropping distance. Alternative local rule to stroke and distance relief for a ball that is lost outside a penalty area or out of bounds will be in effect.

4. All course handicaps will be based on the lower of GHIN or ZIA handicap index.  All Competing players must have a current GHIN handicap.

5. Treat the course well. We may want to come back again. Rake the bunkers, repair divots and ball marks. Do not drive carts into restricted areas.

6. Play the ball down unless notified otherwise before play.

7. In case of a dispute regarding a played ball, play two balls, keeping both scores. The problem will be resolved after the end of play with the involved parties, the resident pro, and club officials.

8. ELECTRONIC MEASURING DEVICES (EMDs):  Will be allowed during the championships provided they do not give information regarding slope, elevation or wind

9. The prize fund will be awarded through host facility gift certificates or through player’s home courses.

10. There will not be any score card playoffs to determine gift certificate winners. In the event of ties the following procedure will be followed for disposition of payouts. If there is a two (2) way tie for 1st place, then 1st and 2nd place winnings will be added together and the sum divided equally between the two players. If there is a three (3) way tie for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winnings will be added together and the sum equally divided between the three players. The same procedure will be used for all place ties.


Scoring will be either ZIA Quota or ZIA Net.

Like in regular Quota, scoring is based on earning as many points as you can.
Your Quota is determined by subtracting your handicap from 36.
Example:  if your handicap is 22, then your quota is 14. (36-22=14).

Mark your gross score on the score card, and the scorer's table will figure it out.
If at the end of your round you have earned 18 points, you are plus 4 (18-14=+4)
If at the end of your round you have earned 14 points, you are even (14-14=0)
If at the end of your round you have earned 12 points, you are minus 2 (12-14=-2)
Points are earned as mentioned above.  The more plus (+) you are, the better.
Scoring will be:
+6 points for Eagle
+4 points for birdie
+2 points for par
+1 point for bogie
  0 points for double bogie
holed out
-1 points for triple bogie.  Pick up at this point and mark your gross score down.


Play your own ball, write your score per hole, but pick up when double par for a hole has been reached.  (Whether on the green, trap, water, rough, fairway, or tee box) mark the gross score.


Par 3 ... Double par is a 6.  If you are putting for 6 pick up and move on.  Mark 6 for the score.
Par 4 ... Double par is an 8.  If you are putting for 8 pick up and move on.  Mark 8 for the score.
Par 5 ... Double par is a 10.  
If you are putting for 10 pick up and move on.  Mark 10 for the score.

NEW FOR 2019

In both formats:  There will still be flights but they will be based on where the handicap index divisions are…not by the number of players entered and handicaps.  You will be guaranteed to be playing from the Tee boxes that your GHIN index falls under.

Designated FLIGHTS will be based from GHIN/ZIA handicap index not course handicaps. Course Handicaps will be based on the slope and yardage differences at these Tee locations Ref GHIN Handicap Manual section 3.5.

FIRST FLIGHT will be GHIN/ZIA Indexes between 0 and 11.9   The Tee boxes will generally be what we will call the “white Tees” approximately 6,000 yards.

THIRD FLIGHT will be GHIN/ZIA Indexes between 19.0 and 36.0 maximum.   The Tee boxes will generally be what we will call the next forward Tees approximately 5,400 yards.

SECOND FLIGHT will be GHIN Indexes between 12.0 and 18.9.   These HYBRID Tee boxes will be A COMBINATION of the 6000-yard tees and the 5400-yard tees to make Tees approximately 5,700 yards. To keep it simple…on all par 5s and par 3s players in this flight will move up one tee box.  We will also move the 400+ yard par 4 forward one tee box. 

This is what the score cards are going to look like for each course we will be playing this year.




We will also have a voluntary SKINS game to enter the day of the meet.  Entry will be $10 per person of which $5 will go towards Gross Skins and $5 to Net Skins.  The skins payoff will remain in each flight. For example, the skins will be determined for the first flight, second flight and third flight independently.

The handicap per hole will be the same no matter which tee you play from.

We might introduce 50/50 putting contest.  50% of the pot goes to the winner the other half to add to the championship purse.

2019 will be a fun year for all with the new Hybrid and Forward Tees.  Let’s all get a friend to join us.  The more players we get the more $$$ in the payoffs.

Go to the link concerning the “Membership App” and the “Entry Forms”.  Remember we need the Entry Forms mailed in at least 7 days in advance. 

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